Mexican Industrial Designer specialized in product design, interior design and creative direction within fashion, furniture, lifestyle and technology.



Pragmatic, humorous and poetic, are words that best describe Joel’s work. He believes in ideas that engage meaningfully, that push the limits of contemporary design, that have the ability of pulling people into the stories they shelter.

From everyday affordable products like faucets and pans, to extravagant furniture pieces and jewelry collections, every project represents well-informed creativity as well as products that people want.

Working with clients in Mexico, USA, Italy, France and Spain have led him to aim for a multidisciplinary agency able to provide tangible value to each project, while enjoying a full schematic view of the creative process in many levels and different contexts, enriching his studio's values.

His work has been exhibited in the mayor design capitals of the world, such as New York, Paris, Milan, and Mexico City. He was selected to take part in the ICFF Studio exhibition at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York and was invited to represent South America Young Design at the Maison & Objet’s special exhibition Talents À La Carte in Paris, featured in the Salone Internazionale del Mobile Di Milano several times, at ZONA MACO in Mexico City and the exclusive DESIGN MIAMI/ BASEL, among several contemporary design exhibitions.

Escalona’s work has appeared in the most prestigious design publications and books worldwide, generating significant editorial value for his clients, projects and collaborators. Introduced as ”one of the new wave of young designers to watch for in the world” by Wallpaper* magazine. Selected as one of the "50 Emergent Talents of the Americas" by Arquine magazine and published in GQ’s extraordinary young people feature.

In addition to his core design business, Joel Escalona is a founding member of Cooperativa Panorámica a group of Mexican designers exploring new design territories, also he is creative director of the contemporary furniture brand NONO, teaches at CENTRO and ITESM two of the most important design universities in Mexico City and is a frequent guest lecturer at several design schools and events.

Photo by Mariana Garcia

Photo by Mariana Garcia



• 2018 | ammann//gallery presents BALANCE at DESIGN MIAMI/ BASEL | Basel, Switzerland
• 2018 | CASTILLOS by Panorámica for Ángulo 0 at WIT Feria de Arte | Mexico
• 2018 | DALIA by BD Barcelona at Salone Internazionale del Mobile | Milano, Italy.
• 2018 | ammann//gallery presents BALANCE at Miart as part of Milan Art Week | Milano, Italy
• 2018 | CASTILLOS by Panorámica for Ángulo 0 at ZONA MACO | Mexico
• 2018 | BALANCE X ZONA MACO | Mexico
• 2017 | ARTE/SANO ÷ ARTISTAS 5.0 by Museo de Arte Popular | Mexico
• 2017 | Novena Bienal Nacional de Diseño | Mexico
• 2017 | Contemporary Mexican Design with a Vision for the Future | Switzerland
• 2017 | Milano in Messico Exhibition | Mexico.
• 2017 | Salone Internazionale del Mobile | Milano, Italy.
• 2016 | "Work in Progress" Exhibition – Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura | Mexico
• 2016 | "Silla Mexicana" Exhibition - Franz Mayer Museum | Mexico
• 2015 | Octava Bienal Nacional de Diseño | Mexico
• 2015 | Level: A new collection by Cooperativa Panorámica for Ángulo at ZONA MACO | Mexico
• 2015 | Expo CIHAC | Mexico
• 2015 | “Le Festival du Design” at Roche Bobois | France
• 2015 | TANE introduces designs by JOEL ESCALONA at ZONA MACO | Mexico
• 2015 | Kitchen & Bath Industry Show | USA
• 2015 | MONO by Panorámica | France
• 2014 | Expo CIHAC | Mexico
• 2013 | Dubai - Italian Luxury Interiors 2013 – Opinion Ciatti | Dubai
• 2013 | Materiality presentation by Panorámica - International Contemporary Furniture Fair | NY, US
• 2012 | Objeto Glocal. Mexico Design Week - Blend | Mexico
• 2012 | Beijing Design Fair | Beijing, China
• 2012 | Salone Internazionale del Mobile | Milano, Italy.
• 2011 | Sexta Bienal Nacional de Diseño 2011- Palacio de Bellas Artes | Mexico
• 2011 | Fábrica Mexicana. Diseño Industrial Contemporáneo - Museum of Modern Art | Mexico
• 2011 | Anudando historias, enlazando ideas - Franz Mayer Museum | Mexico
• 2011 | NUEVO DISEÑO México - Crear Hogar - El Palacio de Hierro | Mexico
• 2010 | Design Week’s exhibition “Arquitectura, Diseño y Espacio” - Museum of Modern Art | Mexico
• 2009 | Young South American design exhibition Talents À La Carte - Maison & Objet | Paris, France
• 2009 | ICFF Studio by Bernard Design’s exhibition - International Contemporary Furniture Fair | NY, US
• 2007 | National Design Award in Stainless Steel’s exhibition - Franz Mayer Museum | Mexico City
• 2007 | Whirlpool Mexico Design Award - SHAPE, Design Week Monterrey | Monterrey, Mexico




Lectures & Talks


• 2018 | Guest professor of UNIVERSIDAD MARISTA | Merida, Mexico
• 2018 | Guest professor of UDEM | Monterrey, Mexico
• 2017 — Today | Design professor at Tecnológico de Monterrey | México
2015 — Today | Design Professor at CENTRO University | Mexico
2015 | Guest professor at Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara | México
2015 | Guest professor of Design and Product Development at CEDIM | Monterrey, Mexico
2014 | Business Design workshop in Design DECODE | Monterrey Mexico
• 2013 | Business Design workshop in Design DECODE | Monterrey Mexico
2012 | Architecture, Design and Art Institute – UACJ. | Chihuahua, Mexico
• 2011 | Facultad del Hábitat | Universidad Autónoma | San Luis Potosi, | Mexico
2011 | Tecnológico de Monterrey – Design Week | Leon Guanajuato, Mexico



Book Features


Press Quotes

"Joel Escalona's creativity has taken him beyond the limits of industrial design and the demands of each project - many of them with international firms - has led him to form a new design philosophy: suitable balance between his creative self and his business facet. "  AD (Abril, 2018)


“"Under the premise of challenging the limits of contemporaneous, at his young age, Joel has created iconic pieces that stand out on the international scene. From everyday objects to extravagant furniture, in each project he captures his infinite creativity and a complex understanding of form. " AD (February, 2018)


"As a young entrepreneur and visionary, Joel has managed to understand the state of the industry in Mexico and its dialogue with design, placing his brand in high levels of national and international awards and recognitions, hand in hand with publications of great exposure within the industry, generating creative strategies focused on a global market , understanding the trends that arise, their role around the world and the large companies already established. " NEW GENTLEMAN (April, 2018)


"Escalona’s pieces always have 'layers'; there is a lot of information in each object. And yet what counts is its functionality. " Houzz.es (May, 2018)


"His studio develops design projects in which Joel projects his schematic vision of the creative process at many levels and in different contexts. From affordable products like faucets and pans, to extravagant pieces of furniture and jewelry collections, each project represents well-informed creativity in functional products that are successfully sold. " Equestrian, El Economista (March, 2018)

"For Joel, bringing the conversation about design to the a " macro " level, impact in decisive times such as Mexico’s momentum  [...] is fundamental, to claim design as a discipline capable of solving socio-economic problems. [...] For him, to redefine the role of the designer does not remain in a socio-economic talk; this also redirects the identity of the national design. " Vanity Fair (April, 2018)


"Mexican design is in a flourishing stage. International fairs, convocations and new platforms have served as an exhibition space for numerous designers to demonstrate their avant-garde talent and vision. Among them are some who have stood out even more for their proposals that break paradigms and create a trend" Forbes 201


“Even before he graduated Joel Escalona had his own studio and several industrial design projects in production with Mexican and North American manufacturers […]” Wallpaper* 2010.