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FÁBRICA MEXICANA: diseño industrial contemporáneo, The Book


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Left: Our buddy  Jorge Diego Etienne 's Molcajete | Right our  Mutant  stools.

Left: Our buddy Jorge Diego Etienne's Molcajete | Right our Mutant stools.

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Do you remember back in 2011 our work was featured on the exhibition “Fabrica Mexicana: diseño industrial contemporáneo”?

The exhibition which took place at Museo de Arte Moderno (Mexico's Museum of Modern Art) was and still is one of the most important retrospective investigations about industrial design in Mexico, and now the book/catalog is finally out.

Congratulations to the curators Graciela Kasep, Abel Matus and the Design Week Mexico team for such a beautiful work.

FÁBRICA MEXICANA: diseño industrial contemporáneo
Author: Luis Miguel Leon, Graciela Kasep y Abel Matus.
Publisher: Museo de Arte Moderno
Mexico | 2012

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Bookshelf Book
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Bookshelf, the book of the Bookshelf blog. ( )

Author: Alex Johnson
Publisher: Thames & Hudson.

Joel EscalonaBOOK, MYDNA

Our new distributor COMMUNITA exhibited at Habitat Expo 2012, the biggest trade show in matters of interior design and furniture in Mexico City, featuring some of our pieces at his minimalist white stand.

It was a great event, with a lot of attendees and interesting exhibitors. 
We are very pleased because interior decorators, architects, designers and public in general found very fascinating our MYDNA bookcase and Pogo side table.