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Level: A new collection by Cooperativa Panorámica presented in Zona Maco

Driven by the obsession of finding a way to bring simplicity and functionality to its minimum, Cooperativa Panorámica presents “Level”, a collection of minimalistic furniture that balances contrasting materials on a single composition.

To create this collection, commissioned by emerging mexican gallery Ángulo Cero, the coop explored through countless experiments on combining concepts like volume, contrast and texture, and how they can work together as a functional design piece.

 For Cooperativa Panorámica, the concept of “Level” not only signifies an even, seamless surface, but the point where two contrasting elements reach a balance, both on its physicality and its expression.

To find a point where two different elements level each other.

By exploring this new territory, the collection resulted in a series of 3 tables, two coffee tables and a side table which contrasting elements work together as a usable surface and structural support.

The contrast of these pieces resides on the used materials, tinted glass, marble or anodized aluminium, where each intersected plate relies on the other one for its support and balance.

“Level”, the new collection of Cooperativa Panorámica will make its debut during Zona Maco, the most important contemporary art fair in latin america.