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46 — Laws of Motion Speed

The collection titled Laws of Motion, is the first collectible design series created by Joel Escalona for BREUER. Through a series of diverse typologies like mirrors, tables, and seats, the collection articulates the flawless production execution on behalf of the company and the level of introspection achieved by the designer.

Only available as part of a limited-edition series of nine pieces, plus two artist’s proofs, each of the functional sculptures designed by Joel Escalona effortlessly combine materials like oak, marble and metal, that by being carefully transformed by BREUER, push the limit of their own production capabilities.




Laws of Motion — Speed

At first, this collection aims to explore concrete concepts such as gravity, force or movement, and how they can be expressed as design pieces, which, in a confident journey — where the adventure was everything but expected — takes us to the unexpected scenario of observing the author’s vulnerability when facing a series of questions, which help us consider new meanings for each of these concepts.

Where do I come from? What holds me up? Do I fit in? How do I look? What differentiates me from others? How do they see me? How frail am I? What does this mean for you? Can l? Where am I going? Should I? Should I keep going or should I stop? Will I be remembered this way?

— Joel Escalona

There are objects that define us better than a thousand biographies. Objects that at first glance seem static, to which we don’t attribute any value beyond their function, such as containing, guarding or simply decorating, but that define us, since they hide a second unexpected personal meaning.

Year / 2018-19
Client / BRUER
Edition of 9 pieces

Creative director
/Joel Escalona
Design team / Isa Velarde & Mariana Loaiza
Consultant / Berke Gold
Photography / Mariana Achach

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GRAVITY  Do I fit in?

Do I fit in?

MOVEMENT   How do others see me?  How do I see myself?

How do others see me?
How do I see myself?

ACCELERATION   Where am I going?

Where am I going?

FORCE   What holds me up?

What holds me up?