Mexican Design Studio specialized in product design, interior design and creative direction within fashion, furniture, lifestyle and technology.


Are you professional, articulate and motivated?
A Rockstar in planning and time management skills?

If so, we would love to see you fulfill your potential at our studio.


"I learned from the work of designers with significant experience and a long track record of professional success."
Juan Carlos Coronado, 2015

"This experience has helped me learn the flow of ideas within a design studio, as well as things you don't learn in design school, such as everything around customer interaction and marketing (...) " — Miguel Ramírez, 2015

"Of the things that I like the most about what I do in the studio is that not one day is the same as the previous one. Literally every day I learn something new and that is something that I find motivating. " — Isa Velarde, 2016

"(...) although I have always been of the idea that the world works better when we all collaborate, I never had the experience of this first hand, and I was pleased to see that there are places like this in the professional field of design (...)"
Mariana Loaiza, 2016



With a great coordination between structure and creativity, you will join a working culture where everyone strives for growth and improvement. By joining our team, we offer you to grow together, to be part, and learn from the best and the brightest in the industry.

Our internship program provides design students or recent graduates practical work experience. Interns will assist our projects and offer general support to the design studio, a good balance between responsibility and learning. We will count on you and you can count on us.

We generally have a one-year waiting list for internships that are available for 6 months.

So, what will you be doing?

  • Develop understanding of our business and creative process.
  • Learn via observation as well as  participation.
  • Participate based on projects we have at the time & based on your ability demonstrated in studio.
  • Might be involved in design process of products or components of products.
  • Be constantly tasked and challenged via weekly schedule of duties and trello task list.
  • Marketing support (MailChimp, Pinterest, Instagram, Photoshop).
  • Product build.
  • Building models.
  • Communicating on behalf of studio.
  • General project & task assistance.

And what do we offer you?

The internship itself is a process, in which we help you to identify your abilities and enhance them. Thus, we will follow this structure:

  • Capacitation through online courses as well as practical tasks.
  • Understanding key aspects and processes within the design studio.
  • Gradual involvement in various areas in the studio, such as marketing, operations and production.
  • Identification of your strengths and weaknesses in order to enhance your performance.
  • Involvement in projects that encourage and develop your key abilities.
  • Continuous feedback on what you can improve, as well as what you are doing right.
  • Constant intellectual interaction over important matters that relate to design and industry.


And so, for us it is important that you develop a strong opinion, an aesthetic sensibility and a sense of professionalism.

Intern Profile

Product design

— Fabrication and suppliers
— Model-making, printing, packing, etc.
— Research
— 3d Modeling and rendering. (Rhino / Vray)
— Graphic design software knowledge. (Adobe Suite)

Graphic design

— Graphic Presentation
(Editorial, web, photo & video editing, etc.)
— Adobe Suite
— Product photo-shoot


Architecture Intern

— Strong design sensibility
— Strong rendering skills
— Strong model-making skills
— Excellent communication and organizational skills


Marketing & Development intern

— Knowledgeable about contemporary art, design, and architecture
— Familiarity with relevant museums, galleries, and institutions, both locally and abroad
— Solid understanding of major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)
— Excellent written and verbal communication skills, and critical thinking
— Extremely resourceful: you can Google your way to any answer
— Superior organizational skills
— Experienced with spreadsheets and data entry
— Prior experience in marketing, social media, or press are a plus

Past Interns

— Iván Martínez | Jan - Jun 2013
— Romeo Ramos | Jun - Aug 2013
— César Villegas | Jan - Jun 2014
— Pamela Paramo | Jan - Jun 2014
— Oscar Estrada | Jun - Dec 2014
— Juan Carlos Coronado | Sep 2014 - Mar 2015
— Priscila Villalobos | Jan - Mar 2015
— Miguel Ramirez | Jul - Dic 2015
— Carolina Niño | Jan - Jun 2016
— Isa Velarge | Jun - Dic 2016
— Mariana Loaiza | Jun - Dic 2016



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