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Fragmentos for Odabashian

Custom design pattern for design exhibition “Tying stories, linking ideas” The Fragment piece is a custom design for the rugs company Odabashian with headquarters in Miami, USA and Mexico, with limited production due to production complexity.

Photo Fernando Etulain

Photo Fernando Etulain


Design commission for rug exhibition.

Fragmentos is an exclusive design for the rug company based in Miami, United States, Odabashian. Due to its productive complexity, it is a limited edition piece commissioned for the design exhibition 'Anudando historias, enlazando ideas'. 

“Familiar elements in non-conventional and unexpected uses promote reflection and observation of what surrounds us. When designing his rug, Joel Escalona alludes to Venetian mosaics often used as a wall or surface covering and a graphical element of decor. In this particular case, the element is soft and covers the floor. This is a graphical compositions that reclaims the unity of mosaics in the form of discrete pixels…”

— Renata Becerril, Curator of the exhibition at Franz Mayer Museum.


Year / 2010
Cleint / Odabashian  
Exhibition / Anudando historias, enlazando ideas
Material / Wool and Silk

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Photo courtesy of Odabashian

Photo courtesy of Odabashian