Design to improve the luxury entertainment service. Collaboration with Cinépolis®, the largest film company in Latin America, and the fourth worldwide.

Cinépolis VIP

Design to improve the luxury entertainment service.

From its various categories of rooms and multiple business units, the Cinepolis VIP rooms are characterized by the luxurious and comfortable experience of visiting a cinema, both in personal service and in its specialized facilities. For some years we have been working with them to constantly renew furniture specifications inside and outside the VIP rooms, with the development of custom designs and specifying selected furniture, increasing the comfort of the facilities but also the usefulness of the service through continuous improvement in design. 

Key Concepts

— Furniture Design
— Development of Aesthetic Language
— Engineering Liaison
— Fabrication Solutions
— Selected Furniture
— FF&E


Images courtesy of Cinépolis®.

VIP room.

VIP room.