Mexican Design Studio specialized in product design, interior design and creative direction within fashion, furniture, lifestyle and technology.


There are three things that my father taught me very well: first, to perfectly organize a toolbox (activity that everyone has to do in my design studio at some point) second, to greet everyone once you arrive to a place — it’s a matter of education and humbleness — and third, rigor. The motherf*cker knew very well how to teach me the meaning of rigor by example.

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Joel EscalonaTeaching
Learning Creativity

Facing this challenge as professor of design at CENTRO, I test my ability of passing on knowledge by being diverse, dynamic and above all different — characteristics about intelligence on which Ken Robinson makes emphasis and how to address it when educating — and thus promoting the potential of each of my students semester to semester.

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Sketch therefore Prototype

Searching for reading material on my effort to define and explain my own design process, I found this interesting approach on the differences between sketch and prototype, first John Maeda on his quest in answering the question: What is design? — Comments on the essay written by interaction design pioneer Bill Buxton who is in charge of Microsoft Research Department, both texts are really interesting and there are two things I would like to share.

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According to PROMEXICO which aims to promote the attraction of direct foreign
investment and the export of goods and services, as well as the internationalization
of Mexican companies, in 2012 we were:

1st exporters of flat screen TV’s and refrigerators.
2nd exporters of washing machines
5th exporters of computers
10th exporters of cellphones

In the world!

However, how many of this products are developed and designed in the country?

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